Welcome to sauron group 

The Sauron Group is a multi-faceted company with a strong emphasis on enterprise risk mitigation and incident management. The Sauron Group (SG) utilizes a diverse network of individuals from backgrounds ranging from Government intelligence to corporate risk mitigation. SG takes advantage of the eclectic backgrounds of our team and applies them to both preemptive and reactionary initiatives for our clients. Due to the ever changing geopolitical climate, as well as diverse threats both domestic and abroad, the line in the sand is becoming ever more vague. Our team can assist with disaster recovery planning, risk mitigation (cyber, physical, financial, environmental, etc.), emergency incident management(support after the incident), recovery of both physical and human capital, as well as variety of threat response mechanisms developed through real world experience. SG may also assist in various types of open sourced intelligence operations (OSINT), which can range from threat recognition and identification, to corporate competitive intelligence and market research. In addition to all of these valuable services, the Sauron group offers adverse incident public relations management & containment. The Sauron Group is capable of scaling services from small companies to fortune ranked enterprises, there is no mission too big or too small for the Sauron Group. Our promise is to provide innovative, professional, and ethical services to our clients.

The Sauron Group is comprised of a diverse network of industry professionals, with top tier experience in their fields of expertise. Whether it be risk mitigation, intelligence gathering, threat modeling, or disaster recovery, Sauron Group only recruits the finest caliber consultants that our clients deserve. Our organization carries a heavy emphasis on the maintaining of continuity for global supply chains. We offer consultation for both a preparadness and supply chain recovery & remediation. The Sauron Group is well equipped, experienced and up to speed on real time supply chain interuptions with a network of highly skilled professionals ready to bring your supply chain/value chain back into operational condition, regardless of interuption's scale.

Sauron Group also offers real time global threat insights based on the client's actual global footprint down to zip code level alerts in areas where critical human and non-human assets may reside. Turn key solutions, or API integrations into most industry leading ERP systems and other tools are available as well.